The majority of world leaders may be men, but there is no denying that women are the influential underdogs campaigning for change.

Susie Orbach

When Complexd attended the Endangered Species Summit – A campaign that challenges the culture that teaches women and girls to hate their own bodies – we met the passionate and talented Stephanie Ifill who was feature on pages 44-51 of our 1st Anniversary issue. In attendance were professional women from media, fashion, health and educational organisations, who came to share their ideas on how they were going to make a lasting difference for women and girls around the globe.

Susie Orbach, a key member of the Endangered Species team and author of ‘Bodies’ and ‘Fat is a Feminist issue’, Equality minister Lynn Featherstone, TV presenter Gok Wan and Mumsnet will all be backing a campaign to combat image anxiety amongst young people. MP Lynn Featherstone also spoke at the summit and one of the major concerns along with serious health issues was how women are perceived in magazines. Image manipulation has become so advanced and unrealistic in published imagery that it has lead to parliamentary discussion on whether the air brushing culture is having an effect on how young people perceive their natural beauty and body.

MP Lynn Featherstone

As fashion becomes art and portrayals of the female body are pushed to the extreme, sometime you need Complexd Women like Susie Orbach and Lynn Featherstone who have a voice that can infiltrate the political world to step up and try to regulate a few things.

Images by Frederique Rapier


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