Name: Stacey Byer

Occupation: Artist

Place of birth: Barbados

Current residence: Grenada

I’m a Caribbean woman with a diverse background. My cultural heritage is a pie chart with slices of Indian, African, English, Portuguese and Scottish, but I was born in Barbados of Grenadian parentage. I grew up in Grenada with an eclectic mix of culture from listening to Caribbean folklore stories, learning patois to eating sauerkraut (German for sour cabbage).

Stacey and her dad at one of her exhibitions

At the age of three I announced to my mother that I wanted to paint and since then I haven’t strayed far from that declaration. I went on to earn my B.F.A and specialized in Illustration.

I would describe my work as expressionistic. I love using bold palettes and painting with heavy brushstrokes. I always try to infuse emotion in my subject matter.

During the summer I built my own art studio.

My art has been pouring out and pouring over the whole family and garden included.  I’m currently excited about producing more pieces in my own creative space.

The Caribbean is lush and sunny and that has definitely fed my love for vivid colours.

Grenada also has a unique cultural background because we were colonized by the Spanish, French and English, which has had a noticeable influence on our lifestyle. This unique blend provides me with great creative fodder for my art and writing.

I recently completed a 14 ft mural for the Grand Anse Playgroup School and I exhibit my work in the annual arts council shows, the most recent one being the Grenada Revolution Show. I also co-curated WOMA, Grenada’s first all female charity exhibition and raised money for victims of domestic abuse.

In my free time I volunteer with ECIP once a month, where I paint with kids who have special needs.

I am currently planning a Caribbean contemporary art show with fellow artists Tracey Chan and Janetta Noel. I look forward to presenting the mix of paintings, paper installation and jewellery that we will be exhibiting.

I am Complexd because I have always marched to the beat of my own drum. I consider myself a free spirit and something of a non-conformist.


  1. orianna law says:

    hey Miss byer im the same art student from convent who was doing the art research on your style of work.I’m still looking at your work and the new pieces you have on your blog.They are very creative and beautiful.

  2. Rae says:

    :-) love this and the enthusiasm – definitely pouring out of everywhere!

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