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 Name: Della Thielamay

Age: 27

Occupation: Entertainer

Current Residence: London

I am Mauritian, Chinese, Indian and French. My diverse heritage meant that food, language and my general cultural experience has always been very rich. I have many memorable moments of dinning table experiences with family speaking over each other in French, Creole and English. It’s as hectic as my daily life where an average day does not exist.

I’m a singer who loves singing gospel music and a pianist who dabbles in acting and commercial modeling. I love performing and I am grateful that I get to do what I love on a daily basis, I feel fulfilled and in control everyday, but sometimes the industry removes that sense of sureness.

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I am mixed raced and when I go to castings seeking mixed raced models, the stereotype is always light-skinned black girl hopefully with an afro. The industry in the UK isn’t as up to speed as it is in America where they do celebrate ambiguous ethnic mixes. There have been many times where my heritage has been a hindrance, but I am proud of my Mauritian, Chinese, Indian and French heritage because it makes me pretty unique.

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I suffer from Crohns disease, which is an Inflammatory Bowel Disease that affects my energy, diet, digestion and has very severe symtoms. I champion for the National Association for Crohns and Colitis as often as I can and hopefully with raising awareness and fundraising I will help thousands of others as well as myself. To avoid attacks I try to stay positive and led a stress free life. I strongly believe that by making the decision to choose a career that I love, it has helped me to cope with living with Crohns. My main aim is to be happy and pursue my long-term goal of becoming a Musical Director.

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    Always wondered what the mix was makes my Cuban/Jamaican mix seem very tame

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