What do you do when you’re on a holiday that consists of seven family members? How do you keep everyone happy in the same place and at the same time?

Well you spend a day at LaSource, an all-inclusive resort, which sits on the southern tip of Grenada. Its five minutes away from the international airport, but the ambiance is so peaceful and quiet you can hear a pin drop. That is of course until ex-kick boxer and fitness instructor Andy starts the aqua exercise (Aquacise) session and the gasping of exhausted beach loungers fills the air.

We arrived just in time for Aquacise an activity Duty Manager Ginelle says is the most exciting offering among the 30 activities to do throughout the day. Observing from the cool and comfortable surroundings of the terrace lounge complete with over-sized furnishing which added to it’s grandeur, I watched as Andy instructed his troops to jump and flick their heels to their bums in the water. The aim is to help guest tone the muscles but judging by the stunned expressions it was exercising their facial muscles instead. There is an activity every 15 minutes and a wide variety to choose from. The men played rounds of snooker, table tennis and used the facilities at the gym while my female relatives joined me for the Caribbean dance class. The music shot up to the peak of the high ceiling and the sounds of the dancehall beat echoed through the resort. As we took our positions Andy appeared yet again with bags of energy and a loose waistline that put all us women to shame.

When we did reunite it was to have a tasty lunch from a choice of two restaurants and drink cocktails (my favourite being the non-alcoholic ‘Grenada Mama’ – a blend of every exotic fruit under the sun). We huddled under a straw beach cabana on Oscar’s Beach Bar choosing from a menu that served up lambi, roti and fried fish, staying true to island cuisine. After lunch we lounged in the shade to digest and had a swim in the private beach, formed by the ocean trickling through large boulder rocks to make sure it was always calm and pristine.

We swam, tanned, exercised, ate, drank, laughed and joked to our heart’s desire. When I was fed up of the sun I sought my solitude in the terrace lounge complete with a large bookshelf and lots of reading material. We walked around in our sarongs feeling completely at home and couldn’t help but notice the strong presence of British holidaymakers. Ginelle had mentioned earlier that it is becoming more diverse now that Elite Island Resort has taken over the running of the resort, but it was nice to speak to Mr. Taylor who envisioned LaSource and share a drink at the bar with him. With a bold domain name like theamazingholiday.com you can be assured that what you get and experience is nothing short of amazing. The staff members are attentive, and friendly and for a family day out it is the perfect recipe that ensures that everyone can get a taste of something they like.

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