I never get tired of celebrating the goals set and achieved by women featured in Complexd magazine. In our the Beauty + Body issue last year we featured our first live interview coined ‘Complexd Couch’ with Natasha Devon from Body Gossip.  Filmed at home on her couch, she gave an honest and open interview about her experiences with her body, overcoming Bulimia and learning to love her curves. (Watch video here)

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Body Gossip is a campaign, which allows people to share and explore their issues about body image. I was pleased to hear from Natasha that Body Gossip recently launched their first paperback book, featuring 300 body image stories written by people of all ages, races, shapes and sizes across the UK.

I love these T-shirts worn at their book launch earlier this month and I can’t wait to read the intimate stories of people brave enough to share their thoughts about their bodies.

You can also take part and share your thoughts, opinions and stories relating to body image on their website www.bodygossip.org

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