Name: Alicja Sobczak
Occupation: Jewelry Designer
Place of birth:Poland
Current residence:London

I was born in Southern Poland near Krakow. It’s a region where culture and tradition play an important role in people’s lives. My upbringing was slightly different from the average Polish family. My parents were very creative and active so we traveled a lot, listened to different types of music and absolutely loved art. Creativity has always been a huge part of my life and I believe this has had a great impact on my career choice.

 A day in my life is quite intense and begins rather early. I wake up at 6am and start the day by exercising. Before heading off to work, I pack my oversized bag with the tools I cannot function without. I never get home before 9pm, which is why it is so important for me to have all my equipment to hand. I am very health conscious and keen on eating well so I usually go for a salad at lunch. Once I’ve finished work, I find a place to sit, unpack all my devices and begin designing. I spend my free time working on my personal projects and contacting galleries where I can showcase my work.

My initial inspiration comes from the colours and shapes of things around me, in particular, the shapes and colours found in nature and Architecture. Once I absorb that inspiration I decide upon a theme and I work from it. The research is crucial so I start with mood boards as it helps me remember what I am trying to achieve. I always try to do something that has never been done before, so I combine various techniques and test the boundaries of the materials I use against my own skills. I strive to create unusual pieces that without words translate the designing process to the admirer or wearer.

The fashion market is always changing and extremely cutthroat. It forgets about you quickly so it’s important to put your work out there all the time. The main problem for emerging designers in Poland is promoting our work. The marketing budgets are much larger in the UK so in Poland we focus on brand recognition and customer loyalty. 

The fashion industry is focused on cyclical changes dictated by trends. I have learnt that to be successful you have to be able to adapt quickly to these changes while keeping a strong personal trademark. That’s the rule I try to follow when adapting to a different environment or market.

 Why do I love being a woman? Well I have a waist, hips and bust and I can change like a chameleon. I can complicate simple matters and resolve difficult issues. When I feel like it I act helpless and let someone else take care of me and the contents of my handbag can look a total mess! The list is absolutely endless and every single woman has her own individual quirks. My advice to every woman is to follow your ambitions and realise your own goals – be creative and be proud of yourself. I am Complexd because I’m on a mission to make my dreams a reality. I love what I do and I use my creativity to the fullest!

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