Name: Kibwe Zwadie McGann
Occupation: Film Producer, Event Planner, Talent Manager, Garage Proprietor
Place of birth: Kingston, Jamaica
Current residence: Jamaica

I grew up in a large culturally diverse family. My father is Rastafarian and my mother is Christian, which taught me to be tolerant of all types of people. Rastafarianism is more than just a religion, it’s a lifestyle that encourages humility and humbleness and revolt against oppressive systems. In my home religion is very colourful and open for discussion. It was this freedom to experiment  that inspired me to be creative and appreciate the arts.

I manage and operate McGann’s Auto Place, a full service auto-centre. That part of my life is a complete surprise to most people because my passion is film and entertainment. I have produced and directed several reality TV shows across the Caribbean and my biggest project to date was SPLASH, a Caribbean lifestyle series that aired on Black Entertainment Television (BET) in the UK and on Centric (BET’s sister station) in the USA.

In 2012 along with Sean Lyn and Kara-Ann Anderson I co-founded Kingston Bridal Week, the first and only bridal week in Jamaica. The week long event, which brings together the best in fashion, cuisine, lifestyle, family and entertainment has really changed the bridal market and expo space. We are now catering to the demand through Wedding Spectacular, a two day event that opens today and promotes peer-to-peer marketing, providing an interactive bridal platform for a younger market.

1383679_532360390186277_1161344291_nThe Kingston Bridal Week Team and Mr. Randy Fenoli


Me and my business partner Sean Lyn run Intuit Concepts – a marketing firm that offers services in event management, new media and television production. We love nothing more than writing a strong business proposal, executing ideas and seeing them to fruition and Kingston Bridal Week definitely broke the stereotype of men being awful wedding planners. I don’t like to limit myself in my work and career, which is why you will find me juggling a few business projects that span a wide range of industries.

Jamaican Bride

I also enjoy the fashion, production and modeling aspect of putting on an event. This came from my earlier career as professional model. I was based in Johannesburg, South Africa and it was such an eye opener. South Africa has its own version of every popular magazine, catalogue and department store. Their commercial market is major so work is abundant because production is cheap. South Africa is the place for young models to build their portfolios and get magazine tear sheets. Then you move on, hence my return home to Jamaica.


Jamaican people are very creative and industrious. We pioneered and pushed Reggae music to the four corners of the earth. In the last five years young talent such as Mykal Cushnie (director, producer and editor), Storm Saulter (movie director ‘Better Mus Come’) and Jay Will (Music video director) have been pushing the film barrier. Fashion is also very much alive and I believe that Kingston is going to be one of the next fashion capitals representing the Caribbean.

behind the scenesJamaica’s most talented Mykal Cushnie 

Men are people whom much is expected. The title ‘Man’ comes with considerable pressure coupled with the inherent expectation to lead and be the ‘breadwinner’. In my opinion, that’s where a lot of the contention and relationship issues stem. I love confident women who know what their about. Ambition and intellect are certainly deal breakers and I am most certainly drawn to cultured and well-travelled women.

BETBehind the scenes filming Splash

My philosophy in life is a quote from Oprah where she said in an interview, ‘do what you love and the money will come’.  I was always fascinated by film, as a model I was more interested in what was happening behind the scenes. My journey into production began as a Grip, the person that helps unpack the truck and carry the film equipment. I then moved up the ranks to Runner, the person who gets the coffee and basically runs around. Then, I pushed through to Production Assistant to become the Executive Producer of my own series on BET seen in 200 million homes.

527624_10151242919021061_1888550045_nFounders of Intuit Concepts discuss business with Fashion Designer Lubica 

I am a ComplexdMan because I’m a WORK-A-HOLIC. I strongly believe ‘where there is will, there is a way’. I believe that if I want the moon, I can have it.

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