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I can’t tell you how often our ComplexdWomen amaze me.

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Back in January we featured Bahamian based photographer Lyndah Well’s and her gorgeous daughter Layla (here). Congratulations are in order as Lyndah recently welcomed a new addition to the family, a healthy baby girl named Sadie Arabella Chinenye Wells. And, just to emphasise the wonder in wonder woman, she has become a new mum all while planning and executing the launch of her latest collaborative project ‘Beneath the Hat’.

Bahamian women(L-R) Chantal Bethel, Lyndah Well, and Laurie Tuchel

Launched on International Woman’s Day, ‘Beneath the Hat’ features 18 portraits of Bahamian women wearing exquisite hats. Lyndah joined forces with Artist Chantal Bethel and writer Laurie Tuchel to ‘take their hats off’ to the numerous roles that women play. Whether the hat worn is of the mother, breadwinner, creator, or innovator the portrait and accompanying statement celebrate what these women love and are passionate about.

As much I’d love to visit the exhibition and bask in the crystal clear blue waters of the Bahamas, I’m enjoying the posts released each week on their events page (here).

Hats 01Ms. Beverly Chin

‘Every hat tells a story.

Every woman tells a story.

This exhibit tells both an ongoing story of the many hats women wear—their myriad passions and lives—as well as being an exploration of the changing tides and times of Bahamian culture; a culture in which historical, religious, occupation, fashion, and practical day-to-day moments are celebrated through the metaphor of hats.


“ Hats could be a metaphor for my journey right now. My favourite hat would be an elegant, wide-brimmed straw hat. I like to think about how people change hats in the same way that one’s own ideas or moods change. Hats are protective, elegant and expressive – and make a statement. I don’t own one of these designer straw hats, but one day I hope to in the same way that I hope my work will be expressive and elegant.” — Contemporary Mixed Media Artist, Piaget Moss 

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