Dear Readers Happy International Day of Happiness!

Happiness fascinates me! I’m fascinated by how challenging it gets to literally ‘Be Happy’. The baby laughing out loud happy, the cat that got the cream happy or just to be as happy as Larry was. Sometimes I can’t turn my frown upside down because the creases in my forehead are crunching the ideas factory in my brain.

I remember being interrupted by ‘cheer up love’, while walking and crunching one day. I wasn’t unhappy, I was mentally pursuing happiness so that I could retire early (because I’d rather work to live than live to work).

‘Live in the moment not in the future’, the happy clan say, but if you were born a thinker, this is easier said than done. So, I have decided to embrace the moments that unravel my wrinkles and bring about a facial expression socially recognised as ‘Being Happy’.

1. Happiness is seeing a photograph of Steve Mcqueen, The Academy Award Winning Director of 12 Years a Slave, return to Grenada, the homeland of his mother.

EDITOR'S DIARY: #HAPPYDAY via @DiscoverGrenada

 2. Happiness is eating a West Indian meal cooked with love and plenty flavour.

942804_193252567492168_288633088_nVia @CottonsShoreDitch 

3. Happiness is having an outer body Carnival experience where you do things (involving paint, powder, wigs and waistlines) you wouldn’t normally do 364 days of the year.

1005826_733104983381883_2120302122_nNotting Hill Carnival 2013 Photographed by Frederique Rapier via Abir – The Colours of Life

4. Happiness is listening to my 104-year-old great grandmother recite the Our Father Prayer word for word.

GrannyPhotographed by Andrew Richards via The Beauty + Body issue 

5. Happiness is Coconut Water with cute outfits on Karla’s Closets thrown in.


6. Happiness is an Indian Head Massage with Nutmeg Oil for soothing and sedating over thinkers. You can buy Grenadian Nutmeg oil in the UK via Alberta’s Garden 



7. Happiness is lazy hammock lounging under a beaming sun


8. Happiness is a room with a jaw dropping view of the inspiring ocean


What things, experiences or moments make you Happy?

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