Eau de par-fumes combined with the peppery perspiration of an eight-hour commuter can only mean one thing… HEATWAVE in London! Despite the unpleasant fragrance of frazzled Londoners these past few days, I’ve been acting like a ‘resort wear don’t care’ island gal amidst this concrete jungle. Let me explain. Unswerving sun during the summer season is a very rare occurrence for British folk. So much so, ‘they’ (not moi) drop their panties at the first flicker or flare. This tends to happen towards the end of April when the sun starts to tease us, and when it does put on a blinding show, all scantly clad hell breaks loose.



I like to keep it cool and classy at all times, so these wide-legged shocking neon resort pants by Trèfle designs are perfect for the sticky weather. I met Kristin Fraser the Founder of Trèfle designs at Island of the World Fashion Week in Nassau, Bahamas over five years ago. As you may have seen from previous posts, I’ve built long-lasting connections with a lot of the creative talent I met during the week long showcase and it has been positively inspiring watching their creative ventures grow.





Photographs by Jerome. D. Williams 

Kristin was born and raised in Tortola and is the third generation in a family of women who have a keen eye for colour and fashion design. She interned with Carolina Herrera and BCBG Max Azria, (two major powerhouses who understand the female form) an experience, which inspired her to launch Trèfle designs. She established her label in the summer of 2008 with the vision of creating a highly recognized clothing brand that would be appealing to women, men and children both nationally and internationally.

Trefle designs 03

I caught up with Kristin to find out what’s new with Trèfle designs while constructing my master plan to turn around to the beautiful backdrop of the British Virgin Islands I’ve seen in her collection shots.

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Name:  Kristin Frazer
Age: 30
Occupation: Fashion Designer/Shoe Buyer
Place of birth: Tortola, British Virgin Islands
Current residence: Tortola, BVI

trefle designs

CW: How has the brand evolved since we last met at Islands of The World Fashion Week in Nassau, Bahamas?

KF: The brand has grown tremendously with two new areas of apparel focus. I have since launched a Resort-wear line with lightweight fabrics for women and a Swimwear line called Trefle284 for girls. The children’s line is a representation of my country’s area code ‘284’ and will feature collections that are bright, fun and on trend!


CW: What’s ‘a day in the life of’… Kristin Frazer like?

KF: My long nights don’t allow me to wake up as early as I should, but since I’m also a manager and shoe buyer for the family business on Tortola, I am awake from around 7am and I try to have orange juice and oats to get me going until lunch. I often work through lunch, between dealing with shoes, fabric vendors, contacts and customers for both Trefle and the family business and the addition of emails, social media and everything in between, I pretty much have very little time to breathe… but I love it all!


CW: What are the challenges of building a fashion label in the Caribbean?

KF: It hurts to invest time and money in people or companies that literally waste it (whether it’s production, samples, marketing or fashion/trade shows) as if there is a money tree growing in my yard, but these challenges help to build me up. They push me in a positive direction to strive for more success.

trefledesgns 01

CW: Can you buy Trefle Designs online?

KF: This is a development I am currently working on. Before I started Trefle in 2008, I recognised that I was from a small country that has big potential globally. I am one of those people who look at the bigger picture in terms of putting fashion on the map while lining up the beauty and natural oasis of the British Virgin Islands as the ultimate getaway destination. The idea was to merge Trefle & the BVI together and I am getting there one day at a time. Anyone interested in retail/sales can contact me via customerservice@trefledesigns.com


CW: What makes you a ComplexdWoman?

KF: I never let negative things keep me from excelling in all areas of life. A humble state of mind will carry me to places unknown.

To view Kristin’s collections visit www.trefledesigns.com 

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