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COMPLEXD VISUALS: Where Children Sleep

Where the children sleep is a series of photographs by Photographer James Mollison who was born in Kenya and brought up in the UK. As Complexd Celebrates new life in our 1st Anniversary issue, it is good to reflect on the harsh realities of some children around the world.

“The project became a vehicle to think about poverty and wealth, about the relationship of children to their possessions, and the power of children – or lack of it – to make decisions about their lives. I hope these images help other children to think about inequality around the world, and perhaps start to figure out how they may respond.” – James Mollison

Jasmine, 4, Kentucky, USA

Her bedroom is full of crowns and sashes that she has won in beauty pageants. She has entered more than 100 competitions. Her spare time is taken up with rehearsals, and she practices her stage routines every day with a trainer. Jazzy would like to be a rock star when she grows up.

Indira, 7 , Kathmandu, Nepal.

Her house has only one room, with one bed, and one mattress. At bedtime, the children share the mattress on the floor. Indira has worked at the local granite quarry since she was three. Indira works six hours a day and then helps her mother with household chores. She also attends school, a 30-minute walk away. Her favorite food is noodles. She would like to be a dancer when she grows up.


Kaya, 4, Tokyo, Japan

Her bedroom is lined from floor to ceiling with clothes and dolls. Kaya has 30 dresses and coats, 30 pairs of shoes, and numerous wigs. Her favourite foods are meat, potatoes, strawberries, and peaches. She wants to be a cartoonist when she grows up.

Douha, 10, Palestinian refugee camp, Hebron in the West Bank

She shares a room with her five sisters. Her brother, Mohammed, killed himself and 23 civilians in a suicide attack against the Israelis in 1996. Afterwards, the Israeli military destroyed the family home. Douha has a poster of Mohammed on her wall.


Thais, 11, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

She shares a bedroom with her sister. They live in the Cidade de Deus (City of God) neighbourhood, which used to be notorious for its gang rivalry and drug use. Since the 2002 film City of God, it has undergone major improvements. Thais is a fan of Felipe Dylon, a pop singer, and has posters of him on her wall. She would like to be a model.

Nantio, 15, Rendille tribe, Northern Kenya

She has two brothers and two sisters. Her home is a tent-like dome made from cattle hide and plastic, with little room to stand. There is a fire in the middle, around which the family sleeps. Nantio’s chores include looking after goats, chopping firewood, and fetching water. Nantio is hoping a moran (warrior) will select her for marriage. She has a boyfriend now, but it is not unusual for a Rendille woman to have several boyfriends before marriage. First, she will have to undergo circumcision, as is the custom.

View more from this series in the Where the Children Sleep book.

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editor’s diary: face to face

The ways in which we can connect via technology is so vast and advanced that it’s such a breath of fresh air to sit down with another human being and just discuss. In most of my meetings I strategically place my phone down so that I can peak and be dismayed by the email or call I  missed. Today I put it away and it allowed me to fully enjoy a never ending conversation with Photographic Science student Henry Robinson. I always get a good feeling when a meeting goes well and I am fortunate that every creative that I have met and worked with on Complexd is passionate about life and their personal work, which proves that Complexd attracts positive vibes. Check out Henry’s intimate portraits below and look out for a Complexd/Henry Robinson collaboration…Coming Soon.


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Today the Complexd team dug up our baby/parent portraits and had a good laugh!

Editor-in-Chief Kered Clement with her mummy modelling Bridesmaids dresses

Sub-Editor Darcel de Vlugt with her dad showing us how to ‘buss a move’

House Photographer Frederique Rapier and her dad amused by her pool hair.

Creative Director – Julie Tommerup in a pose off with her dad

Director/Contributor Simret Cheema Innis with her mum looking chic in her frilly socks

Creative Director – Nicolas Fuhr picture hogging with mum


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Stripped Bare from Simret Cheema-Innis on Vimeo.

A documentary that reveals the challenges that four women face with culture, identity, image and individualism.

Director: Simret Cheema-Innis

Sound As A Pound Films
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Filming Complexd Magazine’s first short documentary was an experience. I would say preciseness and patience were my key words for the day.

Pre-planned question had to be tweaked slightly as these Complexd Women were more Complexd than I thought.

I grew up with the Director Simret Cheema Innis. We had wild imaginations as kids and would often create plays and scenarios and act them out to an invisible crowd. Who knew then that we would both end up working in the creative industry. What was great about this collaboration was that it was the first time me and Simret have worked together professionally and we enjoyed every minute of it.

Watch the Complexd Documentary Women Stripped Bare here

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COMPLEXD FASHION: Celebration creations

QUESTION: What was the last thing you celebrated and what did you wear?

Name: Shareen Sarwar
Age: 26
Occupation: Owner of Vintage Mavens
Background: Bangladeshi

The last big celebration I had was when I left my day job to launch
Vintage Mavens full time. I went for a ride in Downtown Miami with my husband/photographer in a gorgeous red vintage mini dress.

I layered the dress with a yellow African safari-themed silk scarf for a pop of colour.

Name: Mayo Wo
Age: 27
Location: Hong Kong
Creative outlet: fashionsalade.com/mellowmayoness

It depends on what the occasion is but for Birthdays, Anniversaries and V-day, I like to wear something especially romantic with tulle and lace and a nice pair of heels.

…And of course, rosy cheeks and lips!

Name: Zoe Badley
Age: 21
Occupation: Journalism Student and Blogger
Background: Guyanese

The last thing you celebrated was my best friend’s Birthday. All my close girlfriends and I went out for dinner and then headed to a nightclub.

I wore my American Apparel velvet long sleeve mini dress with a lace body suit underneath and a pair of black pumps.



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